Morsinah Katimin

I began making sambal and selling them at farmers markets around San Francisco Bay Area in 2012. Encouraged that our Sambal Gado-gado, a vegan peanut sauce made its way in the San Francisco Chronicle, Hall of Fame 2012, I began to make more sambal flavors that I have been eating since childhood. These flavors are the result of observing and tasting the many sambal that my mother and her friends made for us.  Affected by the financial crisis of 2008-2009, I looked inward into my culture and found a way to share her food culture with her friends and families in the Bay Area. Sambal - broths & sauces was born and nurtured in San Francisco, California. 

Raised in a traditional Javanese culture, educated in Switzerland and USA, I began my career in international development focusing on urban governance and local economic development. Since inception, Sajen Inc, has had the following successes:

 Jamu Earth Drink in San Francisco in 2010

 travel award, British Airways, 2011

Inside Malaysian market through joint venture, 2012

Manufacturing partner in Malaysia, 2014

Distribution award, Watson's Malaysia, 2016

Winner of GOOD FOOD Award, 2018