Rustic Breakfast, cut-rice in vegan turmeric broth

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Discover the flavors of the Malay Archipelago,
Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Our menu celebrates the flavors of our ancestors that created unique flavors using local and sustainable ingredients. 

Our chefs are self-taught, immersion learning of preparing meals for families and community feasting from their mothers. 

Each meal is carefully prepared to deliver tasty, nutritious, and memorable experience.

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Speciality: Rice and Noodles

Nasi Ambeng, Nasi Liwit (the original Rijsttafel, Dutch word for rice table) 
Central Java, Nasi Ambeng is related to spiritual food, a spread befitting the ancient gods
West Java, Nasi Liwit, a community feast food

Noodles: Malay Laksa, Singapore Red Noodles with Spicy Miso Gravy

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Main dishes range 
$10.89 to $12.89

$4.89 to $7.99

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