Everyone loves sambal, a Javanese word that has been adopted by other nationalities and ethnicities. The art of making sambal has become popular past time for people in Southeast Asia as it is the foundation of the cuisines there. People in Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, southern Thailand, southern Philippines, Netherlands and Surinam (where overseas Indonesians live) has embrace sambal as the foundation of their food culture. More than just an Indonesian hot sauce, sambal is collection of perfect blends of aromatic spices and herbs that makes any meal sublime!  

A simple explanation, sambal is a fiery hot condiment would do injustice to the culinary skills and knowledge of the Indonesian women. It could be a simple blend of three raw ingredients, chilies, garlic, and salt, and it could also be complex blend of ten or more raw ingredients. Whatever it is, sambal makes any meal memorable. Without it, a meal would be uninteresting, bland and ordinary!

Making sambal is more of an art than science. It is a  process requires deep knowledge of ingredients and a strong sense of balance. Making sambal is achieving a perfect balance, a little bit of this ingredient, a whole lot of that ingredient, a dash of salt and sugar makes a delicious sambal. One can find any sambal product with long shelf life in Asian grocery stores throughout United States, but none of them is made in the United States with locally sourced ingredients. Sambal - Broths & Sauces are made in San Francisco, just like our grandmothers and their friends made them with no preservatives, artificial color or flavor.

 Why Sajen Sambal?

Sajen Sambal - Broths & Sauces is a local product, made in small batches in a commercial kitchen in San Francisco. Sajen Sambal is packed with "superfoods" and "superstar of spices" and delivers natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits found in ingredients used. Some of Sajen Sambal are vegan, while others contain fish that gives that unexplained umami taste. Each of our sambal will challenge any taste buds and each provides a different flavor as one calls it a "symphony of spices in my mouth. you like it but you don't know what it is" 

At Sajen, we are committed to introduce more sambal with regional flavors from islands from Indonesia and other countries in Southeast Asia. Today, our sambal flavors are: 

Sambal Oelek

Sambal Batawi

Sambal Satay

Sambal Rujak

Sambal Nasi Goreng

Sambal Kokonut Broth