Chef & Owner

My menu reminds me of the food that my mother and grandmother prepared for me many years ago. I feel blessed that I am the beneficiary of their skills, knowledge, and goodness in life. Both had left this earth and cooking the food always remind me of them; I feel like I am talking with them, asking why and how to prepare my menu. I have no special skills in cooking just the knowledge of how the food tastes. I met a french chef and said that I cook using intuition, not rigidly using recipes or downloading recipes from the internet. His words inspired me to learn more, french cooking senses and Indonesian, particularly Javanese sensibilities. And I love doing just that.

This journey began in 2020, the height of an epidemic, with my desire to bring food that Indonesians eat at home, not street food and the concept ghost kitchen has just begun. So I am continuing my journey , through ghost kitchen, in remembering, and preserving my ancestors' skills and knowledge. God willing, I will succeed!