Wraps/Just Lunch, $11.00

  1. Sumatra Wrap: Chicken Confit in Belado sauce, ginger-coconut rice, salad mix, cucumber-onion-carrot pickles wrap in a large burrito bread

  2. Bali Wrap: Fried Chicken in Bali yellow sauce, turmeric-coconut rice, salad mix, Bali pickles, wrap in a large burrito bread,

  3. Lombok Wrap: Grilled Chicken in Lombok Red sauce, ginger-coconut rice, salad mix and cucumber-pineapple pickles wrap in a large burrito bread

  4. Gado-gado Wrap: Tofu, Tempeh, Sweet Potato, String Beans in our award winning peanut sauce, salad mix, cucumber, carrots, onion wrap in a large burrito bread. Vegetarian

  5. Padang Curry Puff: Potato and chicken curry in puff pastry, mix salad, and bone broth.

  6. Satay Meatballs

Urap Salad with Java Egg

Hot Entrees: Halal meat, poultry, and duck, less than $20.00

  1. Bali Chicken Wings and Fries, super hot

  2. Ayam Bali: Chicken with ginger-coconut-jasmine rice, and mix salad

  3. Bali Fried Chicken with ginger-coconut-jasmine rice, and mix salad

  4. Beef Kalio, Beef cubes marinated in more than 10 spices, popular in Sumatra, a cousin of the famous Beef Rendang

  5. Lamb Rendang, lamb shank in marinated and cooked in the rendang sauce.

  6. Lombok Grilled Chicken, Chicken in lombok sauce, mix salad, and ginger-coconut rice

  7. Sumatra Grilled Chicken in hot belado sauce, popular in Sumatra

Lightly-sweetened home brew refreshing drinks, $5.00

  1. Turmeric-tamarind ice tea

  2. Ginger-turmeric ice tea

  3. Ginger-galangal ice tea

  4. Blue ice tea

Simple delight

  1. coconut parfait with seasonal fruit compote(vegan)

  2. coconut agar-agar delight

  3. Pandan Snickerdoodles (green)

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